LiteSpeed Web Server

Accelerate the speed of your WordPress site.

LSCache + ESI

LSCache is an all-in-one acceleration solution that optimizies your WordPress site to perform at its best. LiteSpeed integrates with LSCache which allows it to better cache your site. ESI allows you to cache your site in fragments and speed up WordPress admin.


LiteSpeed is designed to be a high-performance solution that speeds up your site. LiteSpeed has outperformed Nginx and Apache in all benchmarks.

Faster PHP

Using PHP LSAPI there's less overhead and creating new processes is faster. Other web servers have suPHP which uses CGI. CGI is much slower and less secure than LiteSpeed's LSAPI. LSAPI is 20% faster than FCGI.


QUIC is the next generation protocol developed by Google. It's fast, secure, and comes enabled by default in Chrome and other browsers.


Every HTTP request is checked by LiteSpeed and protects your site from malicious users. LiteSpeed also throttles IP 's to protect your site from DDoS and brute force attacks.


LiteSpeed supports GZIP and Brotli compression. Using compression, LiteSpeed is able to speed up your site and saves bandwidth.

Absolutely, LiteSpeed is designed to be compatible with WordPress sites and acts as a drop-in replacement to Apache.

If you really need to disable LSCache you can, however, we don't recommend doing so.

You definitely can, and another plus to LiteSpeed is that it will cache your .htaccess file.

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