Switching from Nginx to LiteSpeed

Do you think about what runs your web server? At Wurpe, we’re always striving to improve our platform which means testing different tech stacks. For the past month and a half, we’ve been experimenting with LiteSpeed Web Server for running WordPress sites.


What is LiteSpeed Web Server?

LiteSpeed is a high-performance, highly scalable, and secure web server developed by LiteSpeed Technologies. Like Nginx, LiteSpeed is event-driven. LiteSpeed has developed their own PHP API called LSAPI. LSAPI increases the performance of PHP and reduces load. LiteSpeed acts as a drop-in replacement to Apache, this means that it works out of the box.


Why LiteSpeed?

We’re making the switch to LiteSpeed Web Server based on the quantifiable research we conducted using the web server. Many benchmarks were conducted on our end to make sure that LiteSpeed lived up to the benchmarks posted on its site. We were very pleased with the benchmark results which confirmed that LiteSpeed was faster than Nginx.


Moreover, not only did we find a nice performance boost from LiteSpeed, we also found reduced server load when using LiteSpeed. By using LiteSpeed we’re able to ensure the stability of our hosting environment and provide enhanced performance for sites.


LiteSpeed also comes with its own WordPress plugin – LSCache. LSCache is more than a cache plugin, LSCache offers full site optimization. There are too many LSCache features to list here so we’ll just list some of the notable ones:

  • DB Optimizer
  • Image optimization
  • CDN
  • CSS/JS optimization
  • Cache Crawler

One of our favorite features is the ability to remove query strings right from the plugin.


When using all of these features together, LiteSpeed provides a high-performance experience for WordPress sites.


“We always try to stay on the cutting edge of technology

– Ruikai Wang, Software Engineer @ LiteSpeed Technologies

Correspondingly, LiteSpeed web server development is highly active and the team releases updates weekly. We feel that our own company values align with LiteSpeed’s. It is important for us to stay ahead of the curve and offer our users the best features. LiteSpeed Web Server is one of the first to take advantage of QUIC protocol. QUIC started at Google to address well-known problems with TCP. QUIC is fast, secure, and scalable.

Was There Anything Wrong with Nginx?

No, not at all. Nginx has served us well, we don’t have any complaints about it. When we make our decisions we always look at the bigger picture, which means we’re always thinking about the user. What people look for in WordPress hosting can be summed up in 3 main points: Fast-Performance, Reliability, and Good Support. LiteSpeed Web Server offers our users increased performance, increased security, and a range of other new features not available on Nginx.


Our decision to switch to LiteSpeed rests solely on the features and performance gains that LiteSpeed has to offer.


What About my Existing Site?

The great news about this switch is that not only will WordPress sites get better performance, but the migration process is really simple too. LiteSpeed Web Server works as a drop-in replacement for Apache, which means that the only work required to go from Nginx to Lite Speed is to change the rewrite rules in your .htacess file.



Furthermore, running WordPress on LiteSpeed web server with LSPHP and LSCache provides undeniable benefits.


In addition to switching over to LiteSpeed, we’re also excited to lower our WordPress hosting plans. LiteSpeed will help us cut down on our server bills, which means we’re extending even more gains to our users!


We’d also like to extend a special thanks to the LiteSpeed team for helping us ensure the migration of our infrastructure to LiteSpeed web server and answering all of our questions.¬†We look forward to publishing our benchmark results from LiteSpeed vs Nginx soon.



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