Migrating a WordPress Site

If you're coming from a different host it can be hard and frustrating to migrate your site to a new one. We've put together a guide meant to streamline the process and get your site up and running on our hosting as quick as possible.

This guide is meant to be very basic since each host has a different panel it's impossible to create a guide that fits each situation.

1. Export your WordPress database. Usually, the file will end with .sql.zip. You can export your database either through phpMyAdmin, or in some cases, you'll need to ask your host for it. 

2. Download a copy of your site. This can be done through FTP or by asking your host to do it for you. Make sure to compress the download to make it easier when uploading it to our hosting.

3. Import your DB through our panel.

Database Import
4. Upload the zip of your WordPress site through the file manager and unzip the file.

5. Update the wp-config.php file to use the new DB username/password/name. 

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