Installing WordPress

Installing WordPress is really simple and can be done in just a few clicks.

First, log in to the control panel and navigate to the WordPress tool.
Wurpe CP Dashboard

Now there are 2 options for installing Wordpress, quick and custom. The quick option installs WordPress and configures all of the username/passwords randomly. While the custom option allows you to set your own username/password and modify some settings. 
Wurpe CP Install WordPress
If you choose to install WordPress through the quick option Wordpress will be automatically installed and configured for you. You will be able to managed WordPress from the WordPress tab of the control panel.

Here's how you can install WordPress through the custom option:

1. Once you click the custom installation, you will be presented with a configuration to set. You'll also be able to choose the directory to install WordPress in or if left blank WordPress will be installed on the main site. In this guide, we will be installing WordPress under the /myblog directory.
Wurpe Custom WordPress

  1. The username for your WordPress site.
  2. The password for logging in to your WordPress site
  3. Email for your WordPress site.
  4. Site name (can be changed later, will show up in Google).
  5. A random database name will be prefilled but you have the option to change it to whatever you'd like
  6. A prefix for the database is not necessary but will increase the security of your site.
  7. The installer will create a database user which your site will use for connecting to the database. Here you can set the username or leave it as is (random). The installer will fill all of the database information in the wp-config.php file.


2. Finish configuring the settings for your WordPress site and click install.
Wurpe CP WordPress Install
Once WordPress is done installing you'll see that your instance appears in the WordPress management tab of the dashboard where you can log in and make configuration changes to your site.
Wurpe CP WordPress

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